Anhui Huayu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in household appliances remote controller and integrated circuit research, development and manufacture, is the one of the biggest special remote controller manufacturer in china. company was fou

HUAYU electronics spcialize in R&D and producing of remote control products.Actually, we are the one of the biggest and the earliest companies specializing in the production of remote control, the main prodcts including the OEM remote control for fam

HUAYU has professional R&D team , for many years,company has been committed to the development and innovation of HUAYU brand and has several national patents, and also the first one to do independent R&D chip in remote control industry.

HUAYU has more than 1000 staffs, 30million annual output, 8000models products, total annual sales more than 300 million RMB,at present, we are the enterprise which most complete products range of remote control industry in China

HUAYU has the most advanced remote control production assembly line in industry and has high-speed SMT machine, reflow soldering, wave soldering and other high-end welding technology and device,special process measuring , environmental test, life tes

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